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Dick and Mac McDonald started in the drive-in business before WWII in California.  The menu consisted of hamburgers, fries and milkshakes.  They were pioneers in speed and efficiency.  They successfully franchised their operation and met Ray A. Kroc in 1954.

Ray was a sales distributor for Multimixer milk shakes.  After seeing their operation first hand, he bought the exclusive licensing rights to their system.  Ray Kroc went on to build an international company founded on basic principles of serving Quality food people can afford, with great service and a smile, in a clean restaurant.  Today, we call this QSC&V or Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value.


Ice Age Management

At our McDonald’s, the philosophy is quite simple, do whatever it takes to satisfy the customer.  The Customer is the reason we are in business.

Our Mission here at Ice Age is simply, To Serve.  Serve our Employees, Serve our Customers, And Serve Each Other. We believe serving each other in turn creates an environment of Hospitality critical to McDonald’s history and our future.  We aspire to be the BEST employer in the community.  Like our founder Ray Kroc said, “Please the customer.  That’s the name of the game.”


Owners James and Debra Smith have been with McDonald’s for over 40 years.  They began their McDonald’s life in Houston TX, then owning restaurants in Los Angeles, CA, and finally settling in the Greensboro, NC market.  They are recent recipients of the Golden Arch Award, recognizing their outstanding contributions to the system, and one of the most prestigious awards given by McDonald’s.  Their son, Adrian Smith, became an Owner/Operator in 2000, but has over 20 years experience with McDonald’s, working in the restaurants with his parents.  He was the recipient of the Alpha award, and is currently the President of the Black McDonald’s Owner/Operator Association South Zone. His first restaurant was in Eden, NC, and in 2012, he acquired 6 restaurants in Burlington, NC.  With the addition of Laura Johnson, Director of Operations in 2010, Adrian and Laura now lead the organization in the Triad market of North Carolina.  Laura Johnson, over 20 years with McDonald’s, came to the organization after a consulting career with McDonald’s Corporation.  Laura has been the recipient of the Rookie of the Year, Team Player, and Outstanding Mid-Manager awards during her career.  In 2011, Laura promoted Margareta Ramadani to Area Supervisor, after 14 years with McDonald’s.  Margareta has been the recipient of McDonald’s Outstanding Store Manager award 6 times, and the illustrious Ray Kroc Award.   She supervises 4 restaurants  With the Burlington NC purchase, we acquired Brad Kimrey, Area Supervisor, who supervises 6 stores and has 20 years experience with McDonald’s.  Brad has been the recipient of the Outstanding Store Manager award 3 times throughout his career.  In 2008, Olivia Valdes became the Training Manager for the then 4-store Organization.  Olivia has been the recipient of Outstanding Mid-Manager contributor in 2013.  After our 2011 growth, Olivia is now the Director of Training and Development for our now 10-store franchise.  Olivia is supported by Kristopher Brown, Assistant Training Manager.

In addition, running an organization this size would not be possible without Ken McMillan, Maintenance and Equipment Expert; and Jim Lay, Director of Technical Services.

what we are about


Quality refers to our food-the product our customers receive.  We purchase only the highest quality food and prepare and serve it with the highest standards.  If a product doesn’t meet McDonald’s standards, Don’t Serve It!


Service is best when we think like a customer.  Caring, respectful attitudes with sincere smiles builds customer loyalty.  We strive to create Golden Moments for our customers by carrying trays, opening doors, offering refills.  This isn’t  “fast food”, it should feel like fine-dining.  Our customers deserve it.


Cleanliness is the first thing our customers notice when they arrive at McDonald’s.  It is the lack of cleanliness they notice more.  Everyone is expected to participate in keeping our restaurants clean.  From the parking lot, the restrooms, the lobby and behind the counter: cleanliness is key.